Day 25 [Photography] Audience Wanted

This was taken with a Canon Rebel also from the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. It’s called “Audience Wanted” for obvious reasons.


I think we seek symmetry when we pursue balance.

To be similar to others in a world where everyone is unique. .


Photo by Jonathan Pendleton on Unsplash

To Unite our efforts to share what we carry equally.


To have return that which we give. 


To be cautious and yet daring


To please others while pleasing ourselves.


Day 23 [Novel Progress] Chapter Three Completed

  • 6 Hours of Overtime
  • Lunch With Parents
  • Two hours of Writing

I am going to go have a much needed drink. I honestly feel really good. This is the third consecutive week I’ve finished a chapter. It ain’t pretty and it’s not good, but it’s capturing what makes my story unique and different. So that’s what counts.

My plan for the first draft is this: First write plot, then write story.

In either case tonight I feel about like this.

Day 22 [Photography]: “The Totem”



This was taken with a Canon Rebel in the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. I was there about a month ago to basically feel out how I felt about living in Sacramento. Something about visiting this museum really sealed the deal on wanting to move there.

This mask in particularly stood out to me. Just the sight of it fired up my imagination. Words like ‘death mask’ and ‘witch doctor’ come to mind. Tonight however it has a bit of different meaning. None of us are as harmless or helpless as we sometimes feel.

Ours is deep beauty. Deep in its grace and intricacies, and deep in its dark tendencies and superstition.

Day 21 [Photography]: “A Moment Of Calm”


Shot way too late at night with a Canon Rebel. The model is a my friend Elle from the band Angel Sap. I really want to do a less improvised shoot with her and something that’s a little more representative of her personality and style. She also happens to have an amazing voice so check out the Facebook page for Angel Sap.

Today was good. I’m going to do a light work out, eat, and then program and write. I feel like these last twenty days have been a blur of exciting changes. Today I just really felt alive and content.

My life isn’t perfect but it’s already so much better. If journaling has taught me anything it is that you have to have gratitude to be happy and successful. That’s all I felt today, just plain old gratitude. It’s why I like this picture. It’s just such a simple portrait of being in the moment.

Today was like the Glen Miller  song “In the Mood”. More specifically it was like the Combustibles remix “In Da Mood”. Unfortunately it’s not available on Spotify but you can check it out on YouTube.