Habit Tracker 2018

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Block System

For the purpose of tracking I’ve three blocks for my day: Morning, Work, and Evening. I will be tracking my Morning and Evening block here. Each  This is primarily to figure out when I function best, and what habits have the most impact on my days. My current focus is on my mornings. My goal is to have my morning block set a positive precedence for the day.

Morning Block

Current Status Uncommitted Uncommitted Uncommitted
Mini Block Wake up at 5 AM,
Play Workout Playlist,
Make Bed
Get Ready,
Make Breakfast
Work On Book,
Get to Work on time
Day 1  x | x | x  x | x | x    |  | x
Day 2    | x | x    | x | x    |  | x
Day 3  x | x | x  x | x | x     |  | x
Day 4  x | x | x    | x | x     |  | x
Day 5    |   | x    | x | x    |  |
Day 6    | x | x    | x | x      |  |x

Evening Block

Uncommitted Uncommitted Habit
Day Don’t leave room after 10 PM Turn off all electronics by 10 PM Be in bed by 11 PM
Day 1 x x x
Day 2 x x
Day 3 x
Day 4 x
Day 5
Day 6 x x x

Each activity is tracked daily, monthly, and quarterly and are ranked by frequency. Though how I track my activities will likely change for the sake of experimentation all of them will also have daily, monthly, quarterly goals. Whether I feel I’ve reach them or not will be