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“Literally Me” is a monthly spotlight on individual artists, photographers, chefs, bloggers, vloggers, designers, entrepreneurs and travelers.

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Khan Shadid [Writer, Designer and Programmer]Khan was born in Dhaka Bangladesh where he learned storytelling from his grandmother’s ghost. He is a marketer turned designer/developer with a degree in Business and Computer Science.

I strive to create concepts and stories that lets people experience something familiar in a way that is new and different. 

Me In One Sentence

My Recent Works

What I’ve Been Reading

In this book Mark Manson provides candid, funny, and disarmingly shrewd advice for living better. The “Law of Reverse Effort” by Alan Watts and Albous Huxley for instance. This is Manson’s summary of it.

The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

My Favorite Song  Of The Week

I’ve been having dreams
Splashin in a summer stream

Shaed, ‘Trampoline’

A MEME I Really Enjoyed This week

My Favorite Photograph Of The Week

Hijabs are a rather controversial topic these days. But I think for photographers they provide a lot of interesting opportunities. One in particular is how a hijab brings the focus on expression and emotion. From the way her body is positioned to her facial expression the picture sets a mood. Even the bright red of the back ground and its contrast with the dark Hijab creates for a more striking image. 

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Best Purchase On Amazon

This Portable Charger

Price: $12
If you’re looking for a good stocking-stuffer this Christmas, look no further. This very  economical charger has a great battery life, useful indicator, a surge protector, and an overall great design for a very low price.  

My Favorite Blog Post This Week

Chrome extensions are almost criminally under utilized by many people. With many Apps switching to the Webapp format, the power and usefulness of these extensions are an amazing resource for professionals and students alike. 

Props to Blogging triggers for putting this list together!

A Blogger I Enjoy

Brandon Calvillo PresentsI

He’s vlogger but, I really like dark humor and well fleshed out characters and I think this is a channel worth following. Calvillo has this millennial Woody Allen in LA that I really enjoy. This video is what got me hooked on his YouTube channel. The heart and humor in this short film really really reminds me of Bojack Horseman.

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